Monday, January 26, 2009

Ten - Reissue

If you haven't heard already, Pearl Jam will be reissuing their debut album "Ten" this year. Not only will it be remastered and remixed, but it will also include demos of "Alive" and "Once". There will be four editions, which will all be released on March 24. A Super Delux Edition will feature a DVD of their Unplugged session, as well as four vinyl LPs. The LPs will consist of the original "Ten", a remixed "Ten", and two LP live set from their 1992 concert "Drop in the Park". The reissue is part of a buildup to the band's 20th Anniversary in 2011. Here is the official press release.

Let's revisit the original (Released August 27, 1991):

* Once
* Even Flow
* Alive (Live performance video below)
* Why Go
* Black
* Jeremy
* Oceans
* Porch
* Garden
* Deep
* Release

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