Sunday, January 25, 2009


Everyone is always looking for new ways to get their hands on free music and with the current economic situation strangling our nation, today is no different. One great way to listen to endless music for no charge is through online "jukebox" sites. Yahoo Music has had a version of this running for a couple years now, but my favorite (and in my opinion the best) is Pandora. Here is how it works: you must register with Pandora, which is easy and takes only 2 minutes. After you have registered you are taken to their main page where you are able to "create a station". You type in either a song or artist of your choosing (I chose The White Stripes) and Pandora then creates a radio station for you based on the song or artist you choose. The first song is always going to be a popular song from that particular artist. In this case "Black Math" by the Stripes was played first. The next song was "Alone, Together" by The Strokes, next....Black Keys.....then...The Beatles. And the endless playlist begins! You can also pick a radio station based on music genre. I found this to also be a good option and will give you a broader listening experience. To keep this running as a free site you do have to take in advertisements here and there, but they are minimal and do not take away from the listening experience. There is also an option to buy an annual subscription at $36 a month. This will allow you to listen to music 100% free of advertising, along with other benefits. Give Pandora a try! Pandora

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